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Happy birthday to you and to this years film classics!


The program of cult classics this year gives all that celebrate birthdays in terms of projections a free entry. It is enough to show an ID card and let yourself go at the unique experience of Fantastic Zagreb.

We renamed the program of the most prominent classics into the Happy Birthday! program and we bring you great celebratory treats! Even after 40 years, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre still carries the title of being one of the most frightening and most terrifying horrors of all time. The maker of this eminent slasher, Tobe Hooper, chose a secluded part of the Texas territory for his story, where he placed a really disturbed family of man-eaters. The most efficient among them was Leatherface, the head of the family with his popular chainsaw.

Shot in 1979, “Alien” became one of the most influential films and SF horrors of all time. The person we have to thank for that is the director Ridley Scott who gradually introduced the horror among the crew of the claustrophobic space ship Nostromo. Sigourney Weaver became a real film heroine who faces the monstrous alien face to face. The aliens were created by the brilliant mind of H. R. Gigera, who had unfortunately passed away recently after a tragic accident.

In 1984, critics were not so benevolent towards the film spectacle Dune by David Lynch, a film adaptation of the prominent SF novel by Frank Herbert. However, after some time, this film story, placed in the far future at a bare planet which seems to be covered with nothing but sand, became a classic. Besides the unforgettable scenes of sand dunes and giant worms, the film also features strange characters that have unusual dialogues, intergalactic journeys, present a hint of immortality and all together shape an atmosphere typical for Lynch’s films. And, of course, there is Kyle MacLachlan!

Mad Max (1979) by George Miller from 1979 portrays a dystopian society under the rule of lawlessness and brutality. The only person who could stop the villains on motorcycles is the charismatic and gorgeous police officer Max Rockatansky in his cool car called Interceptor, played by the 23-year-old Mel Gibson (still a star on the rise at the time).

Perhaps the most prominent film among the ones featured in this program of the Festival is The Warriors (1979) by Walter Hill, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Street gangs have never been so attractive and have not led wars with so much style as in this exciting film, which has one of the best music scores ever made for a film.

Finally, there is Pulp Fiction! It has already been 20 years since Quentin Tarantino made what is probably his most appreciated film. He intelligently intertwined violence and humor and he stylized film quotes in order to honor his great influences. He created chatty and unique characters inside an unexpected storyline, which simply swifts the audience and the critics off their feet. Not only does his work feature brilliant and well-developed soundtrack choices, but he is also well known for his specific choice of actors and the revitalization of certain acting careers (in this film, he reminded the audience of John Travolta’s acting skills). The film includes stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Eric Stoltz, Christopher Walken and etc. The film won many awards worldwide and it won an Oscar for the best originals screenplay (along with seven more nominations) and it won a Golden Palm award for best film in Cannes. We believe that the screening of this masterpiece on the big screen at the summer stage in Tuskanac on the closing night of the 4th edition of the Fantastic Zagreb (on July 5) will be a real treat for all the lovers of the seventh art.

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